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The electrostatic spraying technique – a well proven process originally pioneered in the United States – has several advantages over conventional methods of spray application.

The main advantage is that the process is scrupulously clean:  being airless, ‘over-spray’ is eliminated, thus enabling spraying to be carried out safely in the office and other commercial environments, without risk of damage to existing decorations and furnishings.

The process is based on the principle of magnetism:  opposites attract.  The object being painted is given a negative charge, and the paint is given a positive charge.  Being electrostatically charged as they leave the spray gun, the paint particles are only attracted to the item which is being sprayed – in the same way as a magnet attracts metal – with a 95% transfer efficiency.

Another important advantage of the process, in relation to the refinishing of furniture, is that the contents of, for example, filing cabinets can remain in place.

Office Transformation normally works at night, at the weekend, or at times when the premises are unoccupied – avoiding disruption of office/workplace routine, and ensuring that office productivity, or trade, is not interrupted.

The specially formulated quick-drying coatings used are touch dry in less than an hour and refinished items are ready for use when business resumes the following morning.

The finishes – which are available in any shade, including metallics; and in a wide range of gloss levels – remain durable.