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You may not spot the difference,
but couldn’t you use the saving?
Of course you could!

While it’s generally accepted that an attractive and well maintained workspace is an important factor contributing to employee satisfaction and, therefore, to productivity, the cost of maintaining an attractive workspace is rising all the time.

Take metal office furniture, for example.  Over the years, although usually remaining functionally sound, such furniture tends to become scratched and shabby or out of harmony with new décor and corporate colour schemes.

When it does, Office Transformation offers a sensible and cost-effective alternative to replacement – electrostatic re-coating in-situ.

Low Cost

The service can save more than 80% of replacement cost.  And the expenditure qualifies for 100% tax relief.

Go Green!

Re-use, as opposed to replace.

Other Applications

The technique is ideal for the re-coating in-situ of any metal item found in the commercial environment.  In addition to furniture this includes, for example, partitioning/ceiling systems, door/window frames, lift doors, heater casings, and shop fronts.